April 13th - April 15th
Attending Prayer Conference
Murrieta, CA
April 17th - April 18th
2021 The Glory of God - JEM Conference Weekend
May 1st - May 2nd
De Soto, KS
May 20th - May 22nd
2021 Men of Honor Weekend
May 28th - May 30th
Attending Dufresne Ministries Services
Olathe, KS
June 7th - June 11th
Attending Campmeeting
Murrieta, CA
July 10th - July 11th
2021 JEM Conference Weekend
July 27th - July 30th
2021 Summer Fire Youth Camp
August 1st - August 5th
2021 Jay Eberly Ministries (JEM) Campmeeting
September 10th - September 12th
2021 Next Level Advance
September 25th - September 26th
2021 JEM Conference Weekend with Rev. Joel Siegel
October 2021 
2021 Nigeria Minister’s Mantle Conference
November 13th - November 14th
2021 JEM Conference Weekend

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