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Due to intermittent problems with our internet service provider, we may at times experience issues that affect our ability to livestream our services; therefore, until these issues are corrected, after each service concludes we will archive the audio and video for you as soon as possible.
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2016 Minister’s Mantle – Audio Series (CD)



For over 30 years, the Lord has imparted into and used Pastors Jay and Rev. Debbie Eberly to help train up ministers and laymen and women for this era of the Word and the Spirit. These meetings ministered to those who are called into the fivefold ministry, but they also ministered to all who have hungry hearts to hear the teaching-preaching of the Word and to move with the flow of the Holy Spirit.

In order to step out in the greater glory of these last days, it is imperative for the ministry gift offices to understand and skillfully flow in the anointing and endowments on their lives; and, it is equally important for congregation members to understand how to better honor and receive from the endowments on their pastor’s lives, as well as from other ministry gifts.

As you listen to these services, the anointing will minister to you and you will receive impartations of God’s power!

This is an audio series, but this series is also available as a video series.

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