Faith on Trial


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Be strengthened and established in your faith today by reading Pastor Debbie Eberly’s Faith on Trial! Be blessed by this powerful, inspiring and comprehensive study of how to develop in the different arenas of your faith life. In order to renew our minds, we should become avid students of Bible doctrine. In particular, we should increase our knowledge of the kingdom of God and who we are in Christ; therefore, we will learn how to walk in our authority in Jesus’ name. We will become rooted and built up in Christ; we will be established and productive in our course of faith. Our faith is on trial. We are accountable to be stewards of God’s Word and grace; therefore, we must stand up as Christ-like examples for the kingdom of God by accessing our rights and privileges in Him. This is the only way we will pass the tests and trials–when we gain understanding, move past the adversaries, navigate through the narrow passageways and go beyond the open doors into God’s greater glory and provision!

Chapter One – Faith on Trial
Chapter Two – Growing in Faith: The Local Church and Avoiding Deception
Chapter Three – Faith: A Relationship of Trust with the Father
Chapter Four – Self-Examination: Assessing our Faith and Endurance
Chapter Five – Established in the Faith
Chapter Six – Faith’s Belief System: Understanding the Process
Chapter Seven – Faith in Jesus’ Name: A New Position of Authority
Chapter Eight – Love: The Motivational Force of Our Faith
Chapter Nine – Faith for Redemption: Forgiveness, Health and Prosperity
Chapter Ten – Faith: Casting Cares and Changing Mindsets
Chapter Eleven – Faithful Stewards: Progressing, Pressing and Praising

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