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Due to intermittent problems with our internet service provider, we may at times experience issues that affect our ability to livestream our services; therefore, until these issues are corrected, after each service concludes we will archive the audio and video for you as soon as possible.
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Plead The Blood



The blood of Christ is speaking! Do you know what it is saying? Are you saying the same thing? Faith in the blood means speaking the same things to God that the blood is saying. In the Old Testament, the people of God were instructed not to only shed the blood of an innocent lamb at Passover, but to apply the blood with faith for their deliverance. Everything in the house where the blood was applied was protected from the enemy. It is the application of the blood by faith that really counts. For all that is wrong in your life, there is power in the blood to set it right. Give the devil his morning news every day by displaying the tokens of your redemption – the blood!

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