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The Benefits of Speaking with Other Tongues



In this series, Pastor Jay Eberly clearly and powerfully lays out the case for why speaking with other tongues is necessary in the life of the believer today. Many Christians walk through life with a question mark over their heads, not knowing the plan of God for their life. God, by the agency of the Holy Spirit, has given His children a supernatural means of communication with Him. Tongues is a divine, heavenly language which enables the believer to pray out mysteries. By praying in tongues, the believer prays out the perfect will of God for their life, unencumbered by carnal desires or mental ideas. These prayers are Spirit-led and Spirit-guided. Tongues are the doorway into all that God has and greatly increases one’s capacity to take in more of God. Not only that, but praying in tongues builds up the spirit man, empowering the believer to overcome any challenges that may come. These benefits and more are boldly presented in this teaching.

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