The Easy Flow



The Lord once said to Pastor Jay, “If what you are doing for me is hard, you’re doing it all wrong!”

Jesus offered us to take His yoke upon us and told us it would be light and easy. In Christ, we are to enter into a different flow than the hard flow we experienced under Satan’s dominion and tyranny. This easy flow Jesus offers us is nothing more than an element of the life of faith.

When God’s people believe Satan’s lies, talk unbelief, carry the cares of life and walk in the unwillingness of the flesh rather than express joy in obedience, they are putting themselves back under Satan’s hard yoke that Jesus delivered them from.

Walking by faith to obey God or to lay hold of what He has provided for us in redemption doesn’t mean we won’t go through test and trials, but Jesus is telling us that if we become skillful at walking by faith in those times of testing–the flow of our lives will be light and easy.

In this single teaching audio, Pastor Jay teaches, “If we are to enter into this easy flow, it requires that we renew our minds to it. The ‘hardness’ that has entered into the lives of many believers is because of the ‘hardness’ in their thinking. Wrong thinking formed by the former flow in the kingdom of darkness has never gotten washed out by the washing of the water of the Word. The way out of ‘hardness’ is to renew our minds to this easy flow we are being offered and to use our faith for it.”

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