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The Word on Rest & Peace (Book)


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The Scriptures are filled with the peace of God to surround your heart and mind and protect you from the harassment of the enemy. In God’s peace, your mind will become clear and your body will recover strength. In his book, The Word on Rest and Peace, Pastor Jay Eberly writes, “Jesus took the chastisement that was necessary to obtain your peace. He provided a way for you to live free from the pressures that come in life. But, you must practice the Word for it to benefit you. By taking simple steps of faith on the truths of God’s Word, your life will be transformed; so much so that you will seem to be a different person. Your life can be like heaven on earth!” This book is based on the transcript of his popular Scripture CD, by the same title, The Word on Rest and Peace. These materials are designed to assist you to keep yourself in the peace of God, in faith and in rest — walking out the plan for your life in confidence, knowing that you’ve heard from God.

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