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What Happens When You Praise God Correctly



Have you been praying about a need in your life with no results? In this new series, Pastor Jay Eberly walks you through the Scriptures and shows you that answers always come when we move from prayer into praising God because praise is an expression of faith. You’ll learn how true praise and worship is done in faith and in the Spirit. As we magnify God for His Word in advance of our miracle, He begins to work on our behalf.

Praising God correctly has many wonderful benefits. It’s a means of tapping into the power of God that changes our circumstances. When we enter into God’s presence with praise, He enters into our circumstances with His power.

In this explosive series, you’ll learn how to invite God into your situation, shut the mouth of the enemy and win victories. You’ll also discover how to create an atmosphere that the Holy Spirit can move in and how to receive strength from the power of His might. Embark on a new journey of faith today by cultivating a lifestyle of praise.


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